About Design

I am passionate about what I do because I love the feeling that I work with products that can change the world.

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
-- Steve Jobs

What I Do

For almost two decades, it has been a joy to apply my design aesthetic in helping out small businesses & non-profit organizations -- including schools, a human rights organization, and libraries world-wide!

Among my most rewarding projects is the school PTA website I've created to encourage parents to participate in their children's future and ensure our children are prepared for tomorrow. The goal is to promote the fund raising, donations and membership in an easy ECO-friendly way. Earhart PTA visitors are from all over the world, and within one year from go live, the 2013-2014 total fund got increased by 50%. Amazon fund got increased from 2013's few thousand to over $19,000 in 2017.

Who I Am

I am a designer who ...
has the love of creating typographic style design works;
love to sketch concepts on notebooks, and
capture ideas by typing them down on my computers;
like to simplify complex problems for better and elegant solutions;
love to redesign and deliver ordinary designs into beautiful final products;
enjoy building secure websites on different types of hosting servers;
love to design robust websites, t-shirt, and more for non-profit organizations.

My Works

Web Design & Development

Design and develop robust and stylish user-friendly mobile responsive websites for non-profit organizations and small businesses; also provide SEO and SMO promotion services.

Graphic Design

Design and deliver beautiful print or digital graphic products for business - small or large. Products include advertisement, t-shirt, business card, logo, invitation, and more.

UI Design

Design user-friendly interfaces in multiple languages. Products include mobile app, e-learning tutorial, and web development.