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The Dubliner  •  A Noe Valley Neighborhood Sports Bar

A local favorite with a history lasting more than 20 years

Anyone who walks in past the doors is greeted with a comfortable ambiance with classic wood d├ęcor and soft warm lighting. A friendly bartender is always ready to serve a cold refreshing drink from either one of our many beer taps or fully stocked liquor bar. Surrounded by large screen TVs, there is a game for just about anyone. The Dubliner is a place that can entertain as well as help pass time. If having a more intimate setting for you and your guests is your desire, The Dubliner features cozy seats near the back of the bar away from the busy commercial strip of 24th Street. Free Wi-Fi is offered for those who want to jump online for either business or pleasure. The Dubliner is a place to go for just about any occasion.

Dominique K. [Google+ Review]

"This is a fun, friendly neighborhood bar right on 24th Street in Noe Valley. There are a lot of friendly regulars and the bartenders are top notch, friendly folks. Perfect place for a night out, a day drink or to catch a game. You can even order food from Noe's or Haystack for delivery."

Cesar L. [Yelp Review]

"This place is awesome and worth checking out if you haven't already. I was there for the first time last night and I had a great time. There are so many TVs that you can see one from anywhere in the bar but you wouldn't need them cause the people there are so fun to talk to and chat with. I been to a lot of sports bars but this one takes the cake go check it out!!!!"

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